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Studies on the degeneration and regeneration of neurons as individual compartments of axons or somata can provide critical information for the clinical therapy of nervous system diseases. A controllable in vitro platform for multiple purposes is key to such studies. In the present study, we describe an integrated microfluidic device designed for achieving(More)
Micropatterning technologies are emerging as an enabling tool for various microfluidic-based applications in life sciences. However, the high throughput and multiplex localization of multiple bio-components in a microfluidic device has not yet been well established. In this paper, we describe a simple and in situ micropatterning method using an integrated(More)
Achieving power efficiency is a very critical issue in today's data centers and other information processing and storage facilities. In this paper we focus on data layout strategies for conserving energy in de-duplication storage systems. We introduce a method to find the least-cost configuration that meets known targets for de-duplication performance (as(More)
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