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Rainfall interception loss of forest is an important component of water balance in a forested ecosystem. The Gash analytical model has been widely used to estimate the forest interception loss at field scale. In this study, we proposed a simple model to estimate rainfall interception loss of heterogeneous forest at regional scale with several reasonable(More)
Grassland is an essential part of terrestrial ecosystems. It has a significant impact on the carbon cycle, as well as on climate and on regional economies. Till now, vegetation indices are the most popular remote sensed detecting method of grassland degradation. Although vegetation indices are useful for estimating the biomass, but detecting changes of(More)
—Interception loss is an important component of the regional water balance for the Heihe River Basin which is an inland basin with limited precipitation. We used a modified Gash analytical model by combining remote sensing observations to estimate the interception loss of several vegetation types, e.g., grass, crop, forest and shrub for the years 2003–2012(More)
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