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  • Lin Zhou, Yingli Cao, +6 authors Hang Wang
  • 2015
BACKGROUND The number of renal columns invaded by tumor (NRC) can determine the tumor complexity and perioperative outcomes of off-clamp open partial nephrectomy (OPN). We aimed to propose a novel and simple scoring system and examine the relationship between NRC and perioperative outcomes after off-clamp OPN. STUDY DESIGN We retrospectively evaluated 202(More)
Dixon resultant method can eliminate many variables simultaneously. It is often used to solve a system of polynomial equations. However, the Dixon matrix is often singular, and the Dixon resultant vanishes identically yielding no information about solutions for many algebraic and geometry problems. So, extended Dixon method (KSY method) was proposed for the(More)
  • Yaohui Li
  • 2009
If Macaulay matrix is degenerated, then we can not derive the relation between the common zeros and coefficients in polynomial system. In order to overcome this, we present a new method to compute the extended Macaulay resultant. After getting the Macaulay matrix, we use elementary row transformation to reduce the matrix, if there is only one nonzero(More)
AIMS The aim of this study is to establish an optimized, minimally invasive transurethral catheterization cystometry (TUCC) and a novel urethral pressure profile (UPP) measurement for mice. METHODS The optimized TUCC and the UPP measurement were first established. This optimized TUCC was then performed in 16 anesthetized female mice and compared with the(More)
Link prediction is a fundamental problem in social network analysis. The key technique in link prediction is to find an appropriate similarity measure between nodes of a network. Generally, external information besides the network topology is considered in many similarity measures. However, these external information is generally not available or not true.(More)