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Virtualization has been widely adopted in recent years in the cloud computing platform to improve server consolidation and reduce operating cost. Virtual Machine (VM) checkpointing refers to the act of saving a persistent snapshot (or checkpoint) of a VM's state at any instant. VM checkpointing can drastically prolong the lifetime and vulnerability of(More)
Existing algorithms in conic curves cryptosystem are all sequential ones. It is important to have fast parallel algorithms to both encrypt and decrypt data for cryptosystem on conic curves. This paper proposes our own parallel algorithms for conic curves cryptosystem over finite field Fp. Our main works are paralleling the basic multiple-precision integer(More)
Fish removal has been used to restore temperate lakes, and positive effects on ecological state and water clarity have frequently been recorded in many lakes. Recently, a supplementary measure, transplantation of submerged macrophytes after fish removal, has been applied to restore warm Chinese shallow lakes in order to compensate for the expected lack of(More)
When considering a hypervisor, cloud providers must balance conflicting requirements for simple, secure code bases with more complex, feature-filled offerings. This paper introduces Dichotomy, a new two-layer cloud architecture in which the roles of the hypervisor are split. The cloud provider runs a lean hyperplexor that has the sole task of multiplexing(More)
Virtual machine (VM) migration is a technique for transferring the execution state of a VM from one physical host to another. While VM migration is critical for load balancing, consolidation, and server maintenance in virtualized data centers, it can also increase security risks. During VM migration, an attacker with sufficient privileges can compromise a(More)
Public cloud software marketplaces already offer users a wealth of choice in operating systems, database management systems, financial software, and virtual networking, all deployable and configurable at the click of a button. Unfortunately, this level of customization has not extended to emerging hypervisor-level services, partly because traditional(More)
In this paper, a new algorithm to achieve the stereo display from the monocular image was proposed, which is based on the 3D reconstruction algorithm together with the mutual information image matching algorithm. The 3D shape was firstly reconstructed from the gray image by an improved SFS (shape from shading) algorithm, and then the simulated human visual(More)
Live migration of Virtual Machines (VMs) is a key technique to quickly migrate workloads in response to events such as impending failure or load changes. Despite extensive research, state-of-the-art live migration approaches take a long time to migrate a VM, which in turn negatively impacts the application performance during migration. We present, Quick(More)
Virtual Machines (VMs) have been widely adopted in cloud platforms to improve server consolidation and reduce operating costs. VM checkpointing is used to capture a persistent snapshot of a running VM and to later restore the VM to a previous state. Although VM checkpointing eases system administration, such as in recovering from a VM crash or undoing a(More)