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It has to be aware that remote sensing images need to be encoded onboard using lossless compression method if all information of the image is required to be fully conserved for ground use. Also, to acquire as much onboard data as possible during one available pass of the satellite, it is necessary to consider efficiency of onboard data compression and(More)
In order to improve data transmission efficiency between ground and satellite, image compression methods have been implemented onboard for years. However, the thermal noise generated by charge-coupled device (CCD) will decrease the compression ratio of the onboard image data and there is few works to be undertaken on noise suppression oriented for(More)
Attitude of the Small satellite is prone to be affected by external disturbing factors due to its small inertia. As for Beijing-1 small satellite, jitter is induced and exhibited in the images taken while the outside disturbance is intense. The jitter is manifested as jagged lines and edges in the images, leading to distortion of geometric property of the(More)
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  • 2012
Soil surface microtopography controls surface runoff, infiltration, and other hydrologic processes by storing water in depressions, changing flow directions and accumulations, and even altering the entire drainage system. Studies have been conducted to characterize surface microrelief and quantify surface depression storage. Various indices have been(More)
After operating on orbit for certain periods, natural degradation of CCD will result in the issue that the image SNR begins to apparently decreasing. To increase image SNR, one of the feasible ways is to increase CCD integration time. However, more Gaussian-like thermal noise, which could blur the image and even decrease the compression ratio of onboard(More)
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