Yao-zhong Pan

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Based on remote sensing and ecological principles, an estimation model of ecological capital was established in this paper. The estimation showed that the ecological capital of terrestrial ecosystem in China was 8.148, 10.86 and 12.44 trillion yuan (RMB) in 1992, 1995 and 2000, respectively. Forest had the highest value (24 673 yuan x hm(-2)), and followed(More)
This paper presents a new soft and hard classification. By analyzing the target objects in the image distribution, and calculating the adaptive threshold automatically, the image is divided into three regions: pure regions, non-target objects regions and mixed regions. For pure regions and non-target objects regions, hard classification method (support(More)
Vegetation coverage is an important parameter in terrestrial ecological process, meteorological, and climatic models. By eliminating the errors from the precision of image classification and the noises of remote sensing images, and by using the actual data from fieldwork, this paper determined the maximum and minimum values of normalized difference(More)
Crop yield estimation division is the basis of crop yield estimation; it provides an important scientific basis for estimation research and practice. In the paper, MODIS EVI time-series data during winter wheat growth period is selected as the division data; JiangSu province is study area; A division method combined of advanced spectral angle mapping(SVM)(More)
A new method of farmland parcel extraction from high resolution remote sensing image based on wavelet and watershed segmentation was proposed in the present paper. First, classification results were used to enhance the contrast of gray-scale value of typical pixels in the original image using the high resolution remote sensing image's spectral information.(More)
Remote sensing technology was used for investigation of the resources of Atractylodes lancea. Firstly, the general situation of Jiangshu Maoshan and A. lancea in Maoshan was introduced; Secondly, the methods of remote sensing on the resource of the wild drugs were explained. Thirdly, the TM images were interpret according to the differences of the objects(More)
By using Penman-Monteith model and Hurst index model, this paper analyzed the spatiotemporal variation patterns of potential evapotranspiration (ET0) in the five provinces of Northwest China in 1960-2011. In the meantime, the dominant factors driving the variations of the ET0 were quantitatively analyzed by using sensitivity analysis method. In 1960-2011,(More)
OBJECTIVE To comparing two kinds habitat adaptive division of Chinese material medica with different models. METHOD The habitat adaptive divisions of A. lancea according essential oil accumulation with two kinds pattern, model pattern and template pattern were carrid and compared. RESULT Two habitat adaptive divisions of A. lancea maps according(More)
OBJECTIVE To find the key factors that influence the content of the essential oil components of Atractylodes lancea and classify the habitat of A. lancea based the essential oil components, as well as explore a new method to conduct division of Chinese natural medicin through geographic information system (GIS) ultimately. METHOD The key factors were(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the ecological environments of Atractylodes lancea by biomass structural analysis. METHOD Through the scientific investigation in Maoshan, the sampling spots were set up, the relation between growth and ecological environments was researched and the ecological environments of A. lancea were divided as following: the vegetation layer,(More)