Yao-qiang Sui

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Silage making has become a significant method of forage conservation worldwide. To determine how tomato pomace (TP) may be used effectively as animal feed, it was ensilaged for 90 days and microbiology counts, fermentation characteristics and chemical composition of tomato pomace silage (TPS) were evaluated at the 30th, 60th, and 90th days, respectively. In(More)
Background Mucosal immunity is critical in AIDS virus infection because most transmission is through mucosal surfaces and the GI mucosa is a major reservoir for virus replication. There is window in time in which mucosal T cells could potentially eradicate a nascent local mucosal infection before it disseminates. In most vaccine work, adjuvant-induced(More)
The objective of this study was to isolate, identify, and investigate lactic acid bacteria (LAB) present in tomato pomace. In total, we isolated 108 LAB strains and subsequently identified 16 species (87.5 % homofermentative LAB). Among these, the isolation of Lactobacillus harbinensis, L. manihotivorans, L. helveticus, L. camelliae, L. pontis, L.(More)
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