Yao-ling Xiong

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Curcin can inhibit the proliferation of tumor cells and promote tumor cell apoptosis, but the cytotoxicity of curcin is not selective for tumors or normal cells. In order to enhance the targeting of the anti-tumor ability of curcin, a transferrin receptor (TfR) binding peptide, TfRBP9, was fused with curcin. The curcin-TfRBP9 gene was cloned into pQE-30 and(More)
This paper is to report the study of the pharmacokinetics of a fusion protein TAT-haFGF(14-154) for human acidic fibroblast growth factor and transcriptional activator protein in rat plasma, and the investigation of their penetration across blood-brain barrier in mice and rats, in order to provide a basis for clinical development and treatment of(More)
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