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The role of Survivin in the pathogenesis of leukemia was explored in order to discover the effective avenues for gene therapy. Most primary leukemia cells isolated from patients as well as three leukemia cell lines (HL-60, K562, and U937) all expressed Survivin gene. To investigate the relationship between Survivin and chemotherapeutic resistance, HL-60(More)
This study was aimed to explore the expression of survivin in leukemia cells and to investigate the effect of GM-CSF on survivin expression. The survivin expressions in 37 previously untreated leukemia patients and 10 normal persons as well as in three kinds of leukemia cell lines (K562, HL-60, U937) were analyzed by RT-PCR. The HL-60 cells were treated by(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore factors affecting occupational adaptability in nurses for offering basis to increase their occupational adaptability. METHODS Five hundred and forty-five nurses were investigated with work ability index questionnaire and occupational stress instruments. RESULTS There were many risk factors affecting occupational adaptability in(More)
The clinical characteristics of patients with seizures after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (allo-HSCT) were analyzed. A total of 8 cases of seizures after allo-HSCT were investigated. Clinical data of these cases were studied retrospectively. Of 159 cases subjected to allo-HSCT, seizure occurred in 8 cases during 29-760 days after(More)
The study was purposed to investigate the effect of phosphorylated-chk1 on cell cycle and apoptosis of human erythroleukemic cell line K562 and K562/A02, and to explore the mechanism of chk1 in regulation of drug-resistance of leukemia cells. After treatment with adrimycin for six hours, the cell cycle distribution was detected by flow cytometry; the(More)
Survivin, a new member of the inhibitor of apoptosis protein (IAP) family, expressed in the most human cancers but not in terminally differentiated adult tissues, so survivin may be a target for tumor therapy. In addition, some scholars found that survivin expression is associated with the resistance in chemotherapy. To explore the relationship between(More)
The cytokines of acute leukemia (AL) patients have certain expression patterns, forming a complex network involved in diagnosis, progression, and prognosis. We collected the serum of different AL patients before and after complete remission (CR) for detection of cytokines by using an antibody chip. The expression patterns of cytokines were determined by(More)
To investigate apoptosis of mouse leukemia cell (WEHI-3) induced by econazole and its mechanism, apoptosis induced by econazole was examined by flow cytometry, while free calcium ([Ca(2+)]i) was determined by Fura-2 fluorescein load technique. The protein was isolated from endoplasmic reticulum of WEHI-3 cells, and then the expression of caspase-12 and(More)
Channel logical partitioning can better avoid the conflict and improve the agreement's efficiency. It has proved that double-channel access agreement efficient than the single-channel one by theory and simulation's test. And it will solve the exposed terminal problem. Proposed a design for new private multi-channel UWB MAC protocol applied distributed(More)
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