Yao Zhenwei

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the influence of apelin on proliferation and apoptosis in rat ovarian granulosa cells (GCs) in vitro. MATERIALS AND METHODS Primary culture of SD rat ovarian GCs was cultured with different concentrations of apelin 10(-8) mol/L, and APJ expression in GCs was inhibited by small RNA interfering (siRNA). Signaling inhibitor LY294002(More)
This study was conducted to compare the association of Gaussian and non-Gaussian magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-derived parameters with histologic grade and MIB-1 (Ki-67 labeling) index (MI) in brain glioma. Sixty-five patients with pathologically confirmed glioma, who underwent diffusion-weighted MRI with 2 b values (0, 1000 s/mm2) and 22 b values (≤5000(More)
PURPOSE The purpose was to analyze characteristic magnetic resonance (MR) imaging of pineal region tumors and to explore the value of diffusion-weighted imaging (DWI) and (1)H-MR spectroscopy ((1)H-MRS) in differential diagnosis among four common solid diseases: germinoma, teratoma, pineoblastoma, and glioma. METHODS Thirty-three patients with pineal(More)
PURPOSE SPACE (sampling perfection with application-optimized contrasts by using different flip angle evolutions) and CISS (constructive interference in steady state) are 3-dimensional sequences that can increase the signal intensity of cavernous sinus. The purpose of this study was to determine whether contrast-enhanced (CE) SPACE and CE CISS can well(More)
OBJECTIVE We wanted to differentiate between transient ischemic attack (TIA) and minor stroke using fractional anisotropy and three-dimensional (3D) fiber tractography. MATERIALS AND METHODS The clinical data, conventional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) were obtained for 45 TIA(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the optimum dosage and time-effect relationship of lentivirus vectors mediated enhanced green fluorescence protein gene (lenti-eGFP) transfection into the rat ovary in vivo. MATERIALS AND METHODS Lenti-eGFP was microinjected into rats' ovaries with different dosage (2 x 10(6) TU and 10 x 10(6) TU virosome respectively, n = 5 rats). The(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the reproductive endocrine changes after inhba overexpression into rat ovary. METHOD Thirty Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly assigned to three groups. Inhba overexpression lentivirus vectors (LV-eGFP-inhba) were microinjected into rat ovary (INH group); Control animals received the same amount lentivirus vector empty (CON group)(More)
PURPOSE We investigated whether patients with transient ischemic attack (TIA) have metabolic changes in the brain. METHODS 35 patients with clinically diagnosed TIA were prospectively included in our study. Clinical and neurological data were compiled. 1H-MR spectroscopy and perfusion-weighted imaging were performed in all patients within 3 days of the(More)
This study was designed to determine if cerebral blood flow (CBF) derived from arterial spin labeling (ASL) perfusion imaging could be used to quantitatively evaluate the microvascular density (MVD) of brain gliomas on a “point-to-point” basis by matching CBF areas and surgical biopsy sites as accurate as possible. The study enrolled 47 patients with(More)
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