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Advances in hardware have enabled many long-running applications to execute entirely in main memory. As a result, these applications have increasingly turned to database techniques to ensure durability in the event of a crash. However, many of these applications, such as massively multiplayer online games and main-memory OLTP systems, must sustain extremely(More)
Network processors (NPs), a type of multicore, multithread system that exploits system-on-chip techniques, usually adopt a distributed, shared memory hierarchy to scale up network processing. Network applications running on NP often display distinct characteristics on memory subsystem compared with traditional processors with multilevel cache. As security,(More)
In this paper, a general fluid model is developed to study the performance and fairness of BitTorrent-like networks. The fluid model incorporates two important features previously isolated from system performance models, user settings with multiple groups and inter-group data exchange induced by the choking algorithm. Our numerical results point out some(More)
Harvest index (HI), the ratio of grain yield to total biomass, is considered as a measure of biological success in partitioning assimilated photosynthate to the harvestable product. While crop production can be dramatically improved by increasing HI, the underlying molecular genetic mechanism of HI in rapeseed remains to be shown. In this study, we examined(More)
The mating system transition in polyploid Brassica napus (AACC) from out-crossing to selfing is a typical trait to differentiate it from their diploid progenitors. Elucidating the mechanism of mating system transition has profound consequences for understanding the speciation and evolution in B. napus. Functional complementation experiment has shown that(More)
As an application-driven network, wireless sensor network generally requires data reliability to maintain detection and response capabilities. Although two approaches, namely, retransmission and redundancy, have been proposed to enhance data reliability, the theoretical work is required to evaluate their impact on transmission reliability and energy(More)