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Serious overloaded transportation phenomenon exists generally in China. It causes tremendous threat to road traffic safety. Current situation of overloaded and its influence on traffic safety are analyzed in Yu-Chang expressway. Proposals are presented about how to reduce traffic accidents caused by overloaded transportation.
Extended venous thromboembolism (VTE) prophylaxis has been shown to reduce the incidence of VTE in patients following cancer resections.[1] However, ensuring patients are discharged with the prescription remains a challenge, with junior doctors frequently rotating throughout different specialties. We conducted an audit to assess the compliance rate in the(More)
Radix Pseudostellariae is one of the most popular Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for promoting the immune system, treating asthenia after illnesses with a long history in China and some other Asian countries. Rapid discrimination of R. Pseudostellariae according to geographical origin is crucial to pharmacodynamic action control. FT-NIR spectroscopy and(More)
Average strain of cell of certain length can be measured by long-gauge Fiber Bragg Grating sensors. This article, taking average flexural rigidity of cell <sup>EI&#x0305;</sup> based on average strain of cell and wide average height of neutral axis of cell <sup>Z&#x0305;</sup> as damage identification parameters, validates via multiple damage numerical(More)
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