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Promoter analysis of cold-responsive (COR) gene from Capsella bursa-pastoris and expression character in response to low temperature.
The analysis of independent transgenic lines using histochemical GUS staining method indicated that the CbCOR15a promoter sequences from -305 to -149, Cb COR15b promoter sequence from -207 to -128 is as necessary for gene expression of low temperature regulated.
A Study on Yield and Fatty Acid Variation in Camellia reticulate
It is proposed that selective breeding of Camellia reticulate should mainly focus on its natural population and not on its artificial populations, suggesting that some new types with high yield and good quality in Camellias reticulates might be bred.
Physicochemical Properties of Camellia Nut Shell and its Thermal Degradation Characteristics
Camellia nut shell (CNS) is known as an important bio-resource that has great potential as a biomaterial. The elemental composition, chemical structure, crystallinity, and pyrolysis characteristics
Aqueous Enzymatic Extraction of Oil-tea Camellia (Camellia oleifera) Seed Oil
An aqueous enzymatic extraction method was used to extract oil from oil-tea camellia seed(Camellia oleifera).The factors influencing the yield rate such as enzyme kind,addition methods,concentration
Effects of nano-meter TiO2 on germination and growth physiology of Pinus tabulaeformis.
It is proved that proper concentration of nano-meter TiO2 could not only increase seed germination and seedling growth, but also ultimately improve physiological function and resistance to adversities of P.tabulaeformis's.
Correlation between mineral elements content and oil accumulation in fruits of Camellia oleifera
The Camellia oleifera varieties such as ‘Changlin 4', ‘Changlin 40' and ‘Changlin 53' were used to study the correlation between mineral elements content and oil accumulation at the later stage of
A study on juvenile cinnamomum camphoras genetic variance 7 dominant selection for provenance/families
During provenance/families tests of Cinnamomum camphora in the areas from the middle lower reaches of Chanjiang River Xizhao Stream of the Tai Lake, The middle upper reaches of Ganjiang River, six