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We present the first automatic method to remove shadows from single RGB-D images. Using normal cues directly derived from depth, we can remove hard and soft shadows while preserving surface texture and shading. Our key assumption is: pixels with similar normals, spatial locations and chromaticity should have similar colors. A modified nonlocal matching is(More)
Landoltia punctata, a widely distributed duckweed strain with the ability to accumulate starch, was used as a novel feedstock for bioethanol production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. To improve ethanol production, pectinase pretreatment was used to release much more glucose from L. punctata mash and the pretreatment conditions (enzyme loading, temperature and(More)
Distance metric plays a key role in grouping superpixels to produce object proposals for object detection. We observe that existing distance metrics work primarily for low complexity cases. In this paper, we develop a novel distance metric for grouping two superpixels in high-complexity scenarios. Combining them, a complexity-adaptive distance measure is(More)
Geographic routing is a scalable routing scheme for wireless networks, where nodes make local routing decisions using position information. Cooperative transmissions utilize spatial diversity to combat fading in wireless channels. In this paper, we incorporate cooperative transmissions into geographic routing, and propose the Location-Aware Cooperative(More)
It is the core issue of researching that how to prolong the lifetime of wireless sensor network. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate a clustering protocol LEACH-PF, which is a multihop routing algorithm with energy potential field of divided clusters. In LEACH-PF, the network is divided into a number of subnetworks and each subnetwork has a cluster(More)
OBJECTIVES Hypothermia is a well-recognised and effective neuroprotectant because of its depressive effect on metabolism. However, its application in focal ischaemic stroke is limited by delayed onset, prolonged duration, the need for extensive medical and nursing efforts and significant complications. This study combined mild hypothermia with phenothiazine(More)
Tissue plasminogen activator (tPA) is an essential component of the proteolytic cascade that lyses blood clots. Various studies also suggest that tPA plays important roles in the nervous system. We show that exogenous tPA or tPA/plasminogen (plg) promotes axonal regeneration, remyelination, and functional recovery after sciatic nerve injury in the mouse.(More)
Centipedes are excellent predatory arthropods that inject venom to kill or immobilize their prey. Although centipedes have long been known to be venomous, their venoms remain largely unexplored. The chemical components responsible for centipede predation and the functional mechanisms are unknown. Twenty-six neurotoxin-like peptides belonging to ten groups(More)