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—Geographic routing is a scalable routing scheme for wireless networks, where nodes make local routing decisions using position information. Cooperative transmissions utilize spatial diversity to combat fading in wireless channels. In this paper, we incorporate cooperative transmissions into geographic routing, and propose the Location-Aware Cooperative(More)
—Small-cell networks have been proposed to meet the demand of ever growing mobile data traffic. One of the prominent challenges faced by small-cell networks is the lack of sufficient backhaul capacity to connect small-cell base stations (small-BSs) to the core network. We exploit the effective application layer semantics of both spatial and temporal(More)
Deception detection has been receiving an increasing amount of attention from the computational linguistics, speech, and multimodal processing communities. One of the major challenges encountered in this task is the availability of data, and most of the research work to date has been conducted on acted or artificially collected data. The generated deception(More)
Object Proposals have become indispensable for object detection, providing the latter with a set of image regions where objects are likely to occur. Currently, the mainstream methods [1, 4] partition the image into hundreds of superpixels, and then group them under certain criteria to form object proposals. Typically, the distance metric computes the(More)