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Frequency Regulation Strategy for Electric Vehicles with Centralized Charging
The construction of an intelligent battery charging and swapping network,which includes centralized charging stations,battery charging and swapping stations,battery distribution stations and chargingExpand
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Cubic B-spline for Raman Spectrum Smoothing
Material identification technique, based on the analysis of Raman spectroscopy has been widely used in many fields. Raman spectroscopy smooth technology is an important step in the Raman spectraExpand
The biological polymorphism and epitope analysis of Chlamydiamicrovirus phiCPAR39 protein Vpl
【Objective】To analyze the Chlamydiamicrovirus substructures and reveal its value in Chlamydia virus research.【Methods】The secondary structure was analyzed by the method of Gamier-Robson, Chou-FasmanExpand
Effects of intensive insulin therapy by BIAsp 30 on elderly patients with type 2 diabetes islet cell function
Objective To explore the effects of transient intensive therapy with BIAsp30 on elderly patients with type 2 diabetes islet cell function.Methods Thirty first diagnosed old age type 2 diabetics wereExpand
The Clinical Value of Chlamydia Phage Vp2 Protein
Objective To evaluate the effect of chlamydiaphage virus protein 2(Vp2) on the recombinant virus and virus screening research,and it clinical value thereof.Methods To compare the Vp2 proteinExpand
Can Economic Development Really Increase Happiness? ——Research and Analysis Based on Investigation of the Residents
This paper conducts research on the well-being of residents by using behavioral economics theory,The results show that:males experience lower degree of happiness than women;impact of age on incomeExpand
Impact of lipids,high sensitive C-reactive protein,homocysteine and troponin I in patients with unstable angina in treatment of rosuvastatin
Objective To observe the efficacy of rosuvastatin in patients with unstable angina and its impact on the levels of lipids,high sensitive C-reactive protein(hs-CRP),homocysteine(Hcy) and troponinExpand
Bioinformation study of capsid protein Vpl high conservative region parts from Chlamydiaphage
Objective: To predict the secondary structure and B cell epitope of capsid protein Vp 1 in high conservative region. Methods: The conservative region was acquired by comparing the Vp1 proteinExpand