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We explored how digit forces and indices of digit coordination depend on the history of getting to a particular set of task parameters during static prehension tasks. The participants held in the right hand an instrumented handle with a light-weight container attached on top of the handle. At the beginning of each trial, the container could be empty, filled(More)
Rule-based modeling (RBM) is a powerful and increasingly popular approach to modeling cell signaling networks. However, novel visual tools are needed in order to make RBM accessible to a broad range of users, to make specification of models less error prone, and to improve workflows. We introduce RuleBender, a novel visualization system for the integrated(More)
We used two methods, analytical inverse optimization (ANIO) and uncontrolled manifold (UCM) analysis of synergies, to explore age-related changes in finger coordination during accurate force and moment of force production tasks. The two methods address two aspects of the control of redundant systems: Finding an optimal solution (an optimal sharing pattern)(More)
MCP-1-induced protein 1 (MCPIP1) plays an important role in the downregulation of the LPS-induced immune response by acting as an RNase targeting IL-6 and IL-12b mRNAs. A conserved domain located in the N-terminal part of MCPIP1 is thought to be responsible for its RNase activity, but its catalytic mechanism is not well understood due to the lack of an(More)
It remains largely mysterious how the genomes of non-enveloped eukaryotic viruses are transferred across a membrane into the host cell. Picornaviruses are simple models for such viruses, and initiate this uncoating process through particle expansion, which reveals channels through which internal capsid proteins and the viral genome presumably exit the(More)
Family with sequence similarity 20,-member C (FAM20C) is highly expressed in the mineralized tissues of mammals. Genetic studies showed that the loss-of-function mutations in FAM20C were associated with human lethal osteosclerotic bone dysplasia (Raine Syndrome), implying an inhibitory role of this molecule in bone formation. However, in vitro gain- and(More)
Hepatitis A virus (HAV) remains enigmatic, despite 1.4 million cases worldwide annually. It differs radically from other picornaviruses, existing in an enveloped form and being unusually stable, both genetically and physically, but has proved difficult to study. Here we report high-resolution X-ray structures for the mature virus and the empty particle. The(More)
We studied characteristics of digit action and their co-variation patterns across trials (prehension synergies) during static holding of an object while the external torque could change slowly and smoothly. The subjects held in the air an instrumented handle with an attachment that allowed a smooth change in the external torque over about 12 s; the load was(More)
BACKGROUND The histopathologic heterogeneity of lung cancer remains a significant confounding factor in its diagnosis and prognosis-spurring numerous recent efforts to find a molecular classification of the disease that has clinical relevance. METHODS AND FINDINGS Molecular profiles of tumors from 186 patients representing four different lung cancer(More)