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Epigenetic proteins are intently pursued targets in ligand discovery. So far, successful efforts have been limited to chromatin modifying enzymes, or so-called epigenetic 'writers' and 'erasers'. Potent inhibitors of histone binding modules have not yet been described. Here we report a cell-permeable small molecule (JQ1) that binds competitively to(More)
In this paper, we present a shortest-path-based algorithm, called local shortest path(LSP), for topology control in wireless multihop networks. In this algorithm, each node locally computes the shortest paths connecting itself to nearby nodes based on some link weight function, and then it selects all the second nodes on the shortest paths as its logical(More)
The heavily-threaded data processing demands of streaming multiprocessors (SM) in a GPGPU require a large register file (RF). The fast increasing size of the RF makes the area cost and power consumption unaffordable for traditional SRAM designs in the future technologies. In this paper, we propose to use embedded-DRAM (eDRAM) as an alternative in future(More)
Recent therapeutic successes have renewed interest in drug combinations, but experimental screening approaches are costly and often identify only small numbers of synergistic combinations. The DREAM consortium launched an open challenge to foster the development of in silico methods to computationally rank 91 compound pairs, from the most synergistic to the(More)
Since wireless capsule endoscopy (WCE) is a novel technology for recording the videos of the digestive tract of a patient, the problem of segmenting the WCE video of the digestive tract into subvideos corresponding to the entrance, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine regions is not well addressed in the literature. A selected few papers addressing(More)
In data center networks, how to balance workloads is a key issue with the fast growth of network applications. Open Flow protocol, which is a competitive candidate for solving the problem, provides each user the programmatic control for specific flows, so as to determine their paths through a network. However, existing solutions based on Open Flow only try(More)
In this paper, we propose ADTreesLogit, a model that integrates the advantage of ADTrees model and the logistic regression model, to improve the predictive accuracy and interpretability of existing churn prediction models. We show that the overall predic-tive accuracy of ADTreesLogit model compares favorably with that of TreeNet®, a model which won the Gold(More)
Interaction migration system in multi-device and multimodal environment has recently been in the spotlight. Web-service based framework is raised to meet the requirements under such environment. In this paper, we propose a context-driven method of Human-Computer Interaction(HCI) service selection for web-service based interaction migration framework. We(More)