Yao-Long Li

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This paper represents an attempt to define a closure operator which can determine Geotschel andVoxman fuzzymatroid (GV fuzzy matroid for short), and presents an application of the notion co-tower in GV fuzzy matroids. Two bijections are obtained for a given finite set X, one is from AX = { ⊆ [0, 1]X | (X, ) is a closed singular GV fuzzy matroid or a closed(More)
Periconceptional supplementation with folic acid reduces the occurrence of neural tube defects (NTDs). The association between maternal abnormalities in homocysteine metabolism (e.g., hyperhomocysteinaemia, folate deficiency and low vitamin B12) and the risk of NTDs-affected pregnancies has been widely evaluated in recent years, although the results are(More)
This paper represents an attempt to define a set of bases which can determine a closed regular fuzzy matroid, and to study some properties of section fuzzy matroids, elementary section fuzzy matroids and elementary fuzzy matroids. Axioms for bases of both elementary fuzzy matroids and closed regular fuzzy matroids are presented, respectively. It is proved(More)
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