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Eight patients with bulimia nervosa were given methylamphetamine or placebo intravenously under double blind controlled conditions. In every patient, methylamphetamine reduced self-ratings of hunger and amount of food eaten as measured under laboratory conditions. This shows that the food intake of patients with bulimia nervosa can be modified by(More)
Four cases of menorrhagia in von Willebrand disease were successfully treated with tranexamic acid given in a single daily dose of 4 g for the first 3-5 days of the menstrual cycle. The pathophysiology and pharmacokinetics are discussed. The apparent improved efficacy and acceptability of this new dosing regime have been highlighted.
Five cases of pneumocystis carinii pneumonia were diagnosed in adult patients following intensive chemotherapy in the Royal Group of Hospitals haematology unit, Belfast, within a space of six months. The common features and the risk factors contributing to the increased susceptibility of these patients are discussed, as are the likely mechanisms of(More)
Hierarchical access control is an important and traditional problem in information security. In 2001, Wu et.al. proposed an elegant solution for hierarchical access control by the secure-filter. Jeng and Wang presented an improvement of Wu et. al.’s method by the ECC cryptosystem. However, secure-filter method is insecure in dynaminc access control. Lie,(More)
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A strong correlation was obtained between white blood cell (WBC) lithium concentrations and the severity of observed side effects in a group of 40 patients receiving prophylactic lithium therapy. However, there was no significant correlation between these levels and the specific side effect of hand tremor, although WBC concentrations were higher in patients(More)
An assessment of 106 long-stay psychogeriatric in-patients in an East London borough was made using the CAPE and supplementary items in order to obtain a comprehensive picture of their needs; 51 long-stay residents in the care of local authority social services provided a comparison. Patients in hospital were found to be more disturbed, more disabled and(More)
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