Yao-Lin Chen

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Recently, several hardware implementations for elliptic curve cryptography have been proposed but few of them considered the dual-field functions, real-time requirement, hardware efficiency, and power analysis resistance as a whole. In this paper, a new unified division algorithm and a free pre-computation scheme are introduced to accelerate the GF(p)/GF(2)(More)
This work presents a biomedical signal processor (BSP) with hybrid functional cores to optimize the power dissipation and system flexibility for mobile healthcare applications. Embedded with the biomedical core and a 32-bit RISC core, multi-features are extracted for classification and the abnormal data are compressed. In addition, the crypto core secures(More)
PURPOSE To identify factors associated with surgically induced astigmatism (SIA) following phacoemulsification. METHODS Six hundred five eyes underwent phacoemulsification with a 2.2-mm (the 2.2-mm group, n = 248) or 2.75-mm (the 2.75-mm group, n = 357) superior limbal incision. Preoperative axial length, anterior chamber depth, corneal curvature, and(More)
To enhance the data security in network communications, this paper presents a dual-field elliptic curve cryptographic processor (DECP) supporting all finite field operations and elliptic curve (EC) functions. Based on the fast radix-4 unified division algorithm, the execution time can be significantly reduced by a factor of three. By exploiting the hardware(More)
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