Yao Jin

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This paper proposes an approaching method to compute the straightest path between two vertices on meshes. An initial cutting plane is first constructed using the normal information of the source and destination vertices. Then an optimal cutting plane is iteratively created by comparing with previous path distance. Our study shows that the final straightest(More)
Not many methods for parameterization guarantee bijectivity or local injectivity, which is essential for foldoverfree mappings. Stretch-minimizing parameterization which is widely used for surface parameterization, provides foldover-free mappings and is capable of trading off between angle and area distortions. We extend its usage to volumetric(More)
OVERVIEW To investigate whether serum ischemia-modified albumin or C-reactive protein is reliable for predicting type 2 diabetic patients with ketosis. APPROACH One hundred and four diabetic patients, 48 with diabetic ketosis, and 33 controls were enrolled in the study. Serum ischemia-modified albumin and C-reactive protein were measured and evaluated for(More)
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