Yao-Huei Huang

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Securin overexpression correlates with poor prognosis in various tumours. We have previously shown that securin depletion promotes radiation-induced senescence and enhances radiosensitivity in human cancer cells. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms and the paracrine effects remain unknown. In this study, we showed that radiation induced senescence(More)
Ionizing radiation induces cellular senescence to suppress cancer cell proliferation. However, it also induces deleterious bystander effects in the unirradiated neighboring cells through the release of senescence-associated secretory phenotypes (SASPs) that promote tumor progression. Although autophagy has been reported to promote senescence, its role is(More)
A novel cyclometalation pathway to form CC-type palladacycles is reported. Unlike common donor-assisted cyclometalation, the NH(CO) auxiliary group undergoes a deprotonation step to form a palladalactam intermediate. The coordinating nitrogen atom functions as an intramolecular base promoting selective C-H bond cleavage. Without the NH proton, the(More)