Yao-Hsien Chen

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Department of Information Management, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, 123, Section 3, University Road, Touliu, Yunlin 640, Taiwan, ROC Department of Information Management, WuFeng Institute of Technology, 117, Section 2, Jianguo Road, Minsyong, Chiayi 621, Taiwan, ROC Department of Information Management and Communication, Wenzao(More)
The task of evaluation for students' learning achievement needs to consider several aspects about students' learning performance such as practices, examinations, and observations. Traditionally, such evaluation usually calculates a final score by means of weighted average method after awards numerical scores, and then determines a grade according to a set(More)
Texture image classification is more and more important. Multi-resolution analysis methods such as wavelet and wavelet packet decompositions are more superior to other classic statistical methods. The wavelet analysis has been intensively used for texture classification with encouraging results. In this paper, two new hybrid methods for invariant pixel(More)
Classification, which is the task of assigning objects to one of several predefined categories, is a pervasive problem that encompasses many diverse applications. Decision tree classifier, which is a simple yet widely used classification technique, employs training data to yield decision rules; moreover, it can create thresholds and then split the list of(More)
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