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Many face recognition methods devote to the feature selection of training images while pay little efforts on the image representations. This paper proposes a robust face representation using the amplitude projection. The face recognition task can be solved using compressive sensing(CS) theory. First, the amplitude projections capture the horizontal(More)
In this paper, a novel wideband planar quasi-Yagi antenna with x-shaped elements is presented. Good impedance matching and mode transforming are realized by using an exponentialy tapered microstrip balun. This quasi-Yagi antenna is designed on FR-4 substrate whose dielectric constant is 4.4 and the thickness is 1.6 mm. Prototype antennas have been(More)
Geoengineering has been proposed to stabilize global temperature, but its impacts on crop production and stability are not fully understood. A few case studies suggest that certain crops are likely to benefit from solar dimming geoengineering, yet we show that geoengineering is projected to have detrimental effects for groundnut. Using an ensemble of(More)
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