Yao Gao

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The clinical exploration of urinary metabonomic analysis on discriminating between the top-two-incidence urological cancers, bladder and kidney cancers (BC and KC), is still virgin land. In this study, we discovered and evaluated the clinical utility of holistic metabonomic profiling and current single biomarker methods, and ultimately suggested a potential(More)
Livestock grazing has the potential to substantially alter carbon (C) storage in grassland ecosystem. In this study, we evaluated the soil-plant system C (0-30cm) under three different grazing intensities by yaks (light: 1.2, moderate: 2.0, and heavy: 2.9 yaks/ha) in alpine meadow on the eastern Tibetan Plateau. Soil organic C at 0-30cm depth and total(More)
In this paper, we bring in a basic technique, eigen features, which has been proved effectively in the field of human face perception. Its spirit is to represent pattern categories with essence of data by getting rid of relativity among data. We first describe the principle of eigen features and the measure of realization. Then, we introduce our three human(More)
Carainterol A is a eudesmane sesquiterpenoid extracted from Caragana intermedia. We have reported that carainterol A showed potent glucose consumption activity in C 2 C 12 muscle cells and the db/db mouse model. However, the mechanism of the hypoglycemic effect of carainterol A remains elusive. In this article, we present a network pharmacology approach to(More)
Geoengineering has been proposed to stabilize global temperature, but its impacts on crop production and stability are not fully understood. A few case studies suggest that certain crops are likely to benefit from solar dimming geoengineering, yet we show that geoengineering is projected to have detrimental effects for groundnut. Using an ensemble of(More)