Yao-Dong Zhao

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OBJECTIVE To search for an effective therapy for allergic rhinitis. METHODS One hundred and twenty cases of allergic rhinitis were randomly divided into a treatment group (n=60) treated mainly with penetration needling, Yintang (EX-HN 3)-through-Bigen (root of nose), Sibai (ST 2)-through-Bigen, Yingxiang (LI 20)-through-Bigen, and a control group (n=60)(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore a more optimal therapy for chronic prostatitis. METHODS Ninty cases of chronic prostitis were randomized into a warming-promoting needling and target penetrating needling method group (WT group), a conventional acupuncture group (CA group) and a medication group (M group), 30 cases in each one. The warming-promoting needling method(More)
The tripartite graph is one of the commonest topological structures in social tagging systems such as Delicious, which has three types of nodes (i.e., users, URLs and tags). Traditional recommender systems developed based on collaborative filtering for the social tagging systems bring very high demands on CPU time cost. In this paper, to overcome this(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the better therapy in the treatment of ganglion. METHODS Ninety cases of ganglion were randomized into a two-way quintuple puncture group, a common quintuple puncture group and a fire needling group, 30 cases in each one. In the two-way quintuple puncture group, the "9-in-1" multiple penetrating needling technique was used. In the(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the clinical efficacy differences among warming-promotion acupuncture, regular acupuncture and psychological care for post-earthquake depression. METHODS Ninety cases of post-earthquake depression in Gansu province were randomly divided into a warming-promotion acupuncture group, a regular acupuncture group and a care group, 30 cases(More)
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