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  • Y Dezhong
  • 2000
Shown first is the equivalence between the multiple expansion (ME) of the brain electrical generator and the spherical harmonic spectra (SHS) of the potential generated by the electrical generator in an infinite volume conductor. Based on the equivalence, the SHS and the spatial filters which connect the SHS with the ME are deduced, in a concentric 3 sphere(More)
  • Y Dezhong
  • 1996
As an equivalent source localisation technique, the radial dipole source has been chosen as the equivalent source of the actual neural source in the recently developed cortical imaging technique (CIT). In this short paper, the point current source is numerically tested as a new kind of equivalent source for implementing CIT. The results confirm the(More)
The alpha wave (8~13 Hz) phase resetting from pre-stimulus to post-stimulus is investigated for eight healthy subjects in a visual and auditory synchronously oddball stimuli experiment. Six parameters are considered: pre-stimulus amplitude and phase angle, post-stimulus amplitude and latency of first positive and negative peak. The results show that the(More)
This paper presented a method, termed MVCCD<inf>FD</inf>(Multivariate coherence decomposition), for mapping coherent brain sources at given frequencies. By calculating averaged coherence over all pairs of channels, we can know at which frequencies there are strong coherence. And then, by utilizing MVCCD<inf>FD</inf>to corresponding frequencies we can get(More)
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