Yao Chunlian

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To satisfy the requirement of embedded video encoder in various scenarios, an embedded multi-channel video coding system based on multimedia processor-DM642 DSP is designed in this paper. For real-time application requirement, we optimize the encoder at three levels: Firstly, at algorithm level, develop some fast algorithm fitting for DSP; secondly, at(More)
Electromagnetic interference, shock and vibration under adverse conditions are critical problems for the design of embedded processing system, especially in the limited spaces. In addition, processing and transferring of large-scale image data are also important to the system. Therefore, in this paper an image data processing and storage system is designed,(More)
Intra Prediction is a good method to improve compression ratio. At present, Block as the basic prediction unit is adopted in prediction algorithm. The predict value of current point is searched and calculated from the adjacent point, its predictive result is closely related with the image features and the search process is very complexity. In the paper, a(More)
It is very consuming and non-intuitive, while we use 3D design software to design Three-dimensional human face model. How to solve the interaction problem and improve efficiency has become a problem bother animation designer. So a human-computer interactive device design system is given in this paper, this device consists of hardware and software component,(More)
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