Yao Chung Chang

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Hexagonal-phase single-crystal Gd2 O3 is deposited on GaN in a molecular beam epitaxy system. The dielectric constant is about twice that of its cubic counterpart when deposited on InGaAs or Si. The capacitive effective thickness of 0.5 nm in hexagonal Gd2 O3 is perhaps the lowest on GaN-metal-oxide-semiconductor devices. The heterostructure is thermo(More)
We demonstrate a delay-line-free electro-optic sampling (EOS) system by using a novel ultrafast laser with a voltage-controlled pulse-delay tuning circuit (PDTC). The digital PDTC was designed as a substitute for a conventional optomechanical delay line in the EOS system, which facilitates the theoretical phase-tuning range of 4pi. The maximum delay time,(More)
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