Yao-Chin Huang

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PURPOSE The effects of using an automated prescription-filling system, the ScriptPro SP-200, in an independent pharmacy were evaluated. METHODS The study was conducted at Punches Pharmacy Plus, an independent pharmacy located in Clare, Michigan. The study design was a preinstallation and postinstallation assessment of the ScriptPro SP-200 automated(More)
The applications of wireless mesh network in the embedded systems have become more widely. It's an important issue that how to consume lower energy and transfer data stably based on energy considerations. A routing protocol is proposed with sequential repair and backup routing protocol (Ad Hoc On-Demand Distance Vector Routing-Sequential Repair and Backup(More)
We report absolute frequency measurements on the a(1), a(10), and a(15) hyperfine components of the R(78) 4-6 line of (127)I(2). An external-cavity diode laser system at 671 nm is frequency-stabilized to the saturated absorption center obtained by modulation transfer spectroscopy in an iodine vapor cell. Its absolute frequency is measured by an optical(More)
trials supporting a beneficial effect of mirtazapine as an adjunctive agent for negative symptoms, the addition of mirtazapine was unsuccessful in our patient, as was the addition of modafinil. With the customary caveats of case reports, our case suggests that ropinirole might be an efficacious and safe adjunct treatment for negative symptoms in simple(More)
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