Yao-Chiang Wang

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Service-Orientated Computing (SOC) has become a main trend in software engineering that promotes the construction of applications based on the notion of services. SOC has recently attracted the researchers’ attention and has been adopted industry-wide. However, service composition that enables one to aggregate existing services into a new composite service(More)
In the making of a service-oriented multiagents framework, two pivotal issues need to be addressed: agent service description language (ASDL) and its service matchmaking mechanism. ASDL provides a speci3cation of publishing and requesting services for agents, and matchmaking is the process of 3nding an appropriate service for a request through a medium. In(More)
The focus of this paper is to devise a service-oriented architecture for multi-agents system (called SAM), to reach a wide adoption and routine use of agents, web services, and semantic web technologies. In order to better integrate agents, web applications and information sources in an open and distributed environment such as the Internet, a service(More)
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