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The primary objective of this research study was to develop an improved production rate information system for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The improved production rate information is intended for determining construction contract time for highway construction projects carried out by TxDOT. A large number of work items that normally lie(More)
Exploring the actual needs of potential customers in order to exploit potential applications of Robot Vision Servo Technology is still at an early stage before entering the growth stage but could still bring many opportunities and create many chances for the development of robot and component manufacturing. The purpose of this study is to explore the(More)
Using fuzzy f f integral approach a to enhance site selection assessment a case study of the optoelectronics industry d Abstract The policies deployed by the government in Taiwan determine dramatically affect the development of a sector. In the past three decades, the high-tech industry has contributed to the prosperity of the economy for Taiwan. The focus(More)
Keywords: Condominium management Service quality Resident satisfaction IPA Multivariate analysis Corporate strategy a b s t r a c t Condominium management (CM) businesses rely on continuous improvements to service quality (SQ) to increase consumer satisfaction (CS) and thereby improve operations. Lacking knowledge of SQ and CS results in poor efficiency. To(More)
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