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The decomposition of chloroform by the combination of hydrodynamic and acoustic cavitation (Hydrodynamic-Acoustic-Cavitation/HAC) has been investigated. The flow rate and the hole diameter of the orifice plate remarkably affect the conversion of chloroform in the combined system. The conversion increases with increasing fluid velocity without any(More)
800mL of 1.0mM phenol-containing aqueous solution was circulated at 20°C for 30 min in a suction-reactor, while 3.2 mg min(-1) ozone was introduced into the solution under the suction orifice. The removal rates of phenol vary polynomially with the orifice diameter as well as the suction pressure. The rate constant for the zero-order kinetics achieves the(More)
High dynamic range image (HDR) is widely used since it is capable of capturing more fine information. However, problems remain in its display. A good rendering of HDR color images requires careful treatment of both the brightness and chromaticity information. In this work, we first prove that the global logarithmic mapping of the R, G, B channels may result(More)
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