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Paper currency recognition with good accuracy and high processing speed has great importance for banking system. How to extract high quality monetary features from currency images is a key problem in paper currency recognition. Based on the traditional local binary pattern (LBP) method, an improved LBP algorithm, called block-LBP algorithm, is proposed in(More)
We propose a framework for efficient storing and scalable browsing of surveillance video based on video synopsis. Our framework employs a novel synopsis analysis scheme named Detail-based video synopsis to generate a set of object flags to store and browse surveillance video synopsis. The main contributions of our work are: 1) highlighting important(More)
With the increasing amount of surveillance data, moving object segmentation in the compressed domain has drawn broad attention from both academy and industry. In this paper, we propose a novel moving object segmenta-tion method towards H.264 compressed surveillance videos. First, the motion vectors (MV) are accumulated and filtered to achieve reliable(More)
In this paper, we describe BUPT-MCPRL systems for TRECVID 2010. Our team participated in five tasks: semantic indexing, known-item search, content-based copy detection, surveillance event detection and instance search. A brief introduction is shown as follows: In this year, we concentrated on the concept-based retrieval, and proposed several methods to(More)
Background subtraction is one of the most popular methods to detect moving objects in videos. In this paper, we propose an efficient hierarchical background subtraction method with block-based and pixel-based codebooks (CBs) using haar-like features for foreground detection. In the block-based stage, four haar-like features and a block average value, which(More)
In this paper we propose a depth recovery approach for monocular videos with or without camera motion. By combining geometric information and moving object extraction, not only the depth of background but also the depth of foreground can be recovered. Furthermore, for cases involving complex camera motion such as fast moving, translating, vertical movement,(More)
The growing population of seniors leads to the need for an intelligent surveillance system to ensure the safety of the elders at home. Fall is one kind of the most seriously life-threatening emergencies for elderly people. Fall detection system based on video surveillance provides an efficient solution for detecting fall events automatically by analyzing(More)
In this paper a novel moving object segmentation algorithm is proposed. This algorithm utilizes an integrated mask-based background (BG) maintenance scheme. A rough foreground (FG) mask and a block-based FG mask are integrated by an OR operation to give the final update mask. Multiple updating rates are used for different regions under different(More)