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With the increasing amount of surveillance data, moving object segmentation in the compressed domain has drawn broad attention from both academy and industry. In this paper, we propose a novel moving object segmenta-tion method towards H.264 compressed surveillance videos. First, the motion vectors (MV) are accumulated and filtered to achieve reliable(More)
In this paper, we describe BUPT-MCPRL systems for TRECVID 2010. Our team participated in five tasks: semantic indexing, known-item search, content-based copy detection, surveillance event detection and instance search. A brief introduction is shown as follows: In this year, we concentrated on the concept-based retrieval, and proposed several methods to(More)
The secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structures of squid hemocyanin (Hc) were characterised, and the relationship between Hc structure and allergenicity responses to high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) was modelled. The Hc allergenicity varied with its protein structure. Electrophoresis analysis revealed that HHP treatment significantly decreased the band(More)
Soil moisture is a major limiting factor for plant growth on shell ridge islands in the Yellow River Delta. However, it is difficult to carry out situ experiment to study dominant plant photosynthesis physiological on the shell ridge islands under extreme soil water stress. To evaluate the adaptability of plants to light and moisture variations under(More)