Yanyuan Ma

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We provide a novel and completely different approach to dimension-reduction problems from the existing literature. We cast the dimension-reduction problem in a semiparametric estimation framework and derive estimating equations. Viewing this problem from the new angle allows us to derive a rich class of estimators, and obtain the classical dimension(More)
We take a semiparametric approach in fitting a linear transformation model to a right censored data when predictive variables are subject to measurement errors. We construct consistent estimating equations when repeated measurements of a surrogate of the unobserved true predictor are available. The proposed approach applies under minimal assumptions on the(More)
In randomized clinical trials, we are often concerned with comparing two-sample survival data. Although the log-rank test is usually suitable for this purpose, it may result in substantial power loss when the two groups have nonproportional hazards. In a more general class of survival models of Yang and Prentice (Biometrika 92:1-17, 2005), which includes(More)
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