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Soak n' Boost: A universal strategy to manufacture hybrid double-network hydrogels with eminent mechanical properties is developed by postformation of the chitosan microcrystalline and chain-entanglement physical networks via simple treatment of the chitosan composite hydrogels using alkaline and saline solutions. The strategy may open an avenue to(More)
Here we demonstrate a type of pH and reduction dual-sensitive biodegradable micelles, which were self-assembled by a cationic polymer in an aqueous solution. Due to tumor cells or tissues showing low pH and high reduction concentration, these micelles possessed specific tumor targetability and maximal drug-release controllability inside tumor cells upon(More)
We demonstrate a facile approach to constructing aggregation induced emission (AIE) fluorescent vesicles assembled using a PEG-POSS-(TPE)7 polymer. The narrow wall thickness provides an ideal confined space for creating fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) systems between TPE donors and encapsulated FITC or DOX acceptors.
Here we have demonstrated a facile method for construction of self-assembled nanoparticles with excellent fluorescent properties by the synergetic combination of unique AIE effects and tadpole-shaped polymers. The introduction of acid-sensitive Schiff base bonds furnished the polymeric vesicles and micelles with unique pH responsiveness that can possess(More)
Here we demonstrate a simple and straightforward approach to prepare POSS-embedded hyperbranched (HB-POSS) polymers with customized molecular weights and sizes just by controlling the polymerization time. The polymers can be further used for building amphiphilic polymers, presenting morphological transition from micelle to vesicle in aqueous solution.
Many space-based camera and optical pointing and tracking systems require their line of sight (LOS) to be steady. The Inertial Pseudo-Star Reference Unit (IPSRU) is one of the effective machine which can enhance the sharpness of the camera. In this paper, we design an active disturbance rejection controller to reduce the influence of disturbance. The(More)
Inertial stabilized platform(ISP) is widely used for line of sight (LOS) stabilization of airborne optoelectronic platform. Due to multiple kinds of disturbances, dynamic characteristics of ISP changes, result in decline of system precision. In this paper, a compound control strategy that combining extended disturbance observer (EDO) and continuous robust(More)
A nanoscale cationic porous drug carrier ZJU-101 (ZJU = Zhejiang University), synthesized by the solvothermal method to get the crystal size of ∼300 nm, was used to load diclofenac sodium, an anionic drug. This positively charged host materials showed a large loading capacity of diclofenac sodium (∼0.546 g/g) through ion exchange and penetration procedures.(More)
Hydrogels are required to have high mechanical properties, biocompatibility, and an easy fabrication process for biomedical applications. Double-network hydrogels, although strong, are limited because of the complicated preparation steps and toxic materials involved. In this study, we report a simple method to prepare tough, in situ forming polyethylene(More)
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