Yanyong Guan

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The incompleteness and insufficiency in the investigation of rough continuity in Pawlak rough function model are pointed out. Proposing the ε-δ definition of rough continuity of a discrete function, the concept of Pawlak rough continuity is deduced in the form of a proposition. A series of operating properties of roughly continuous functions are discussed(More)
Many kinds of reducts are proposed in incomplete or inconsistent ordered information systems in recent years. But some of these reducts are equivalent. In this paper, we prove that the reduct preserving compatible (possible) distribution functions is equivalent to the reducts preserving lower (upper) approximations and give a more simple method to compute(More)
In fuzzy algebra, fuzzy subspaces are basic concepts. They had been introduced by Katsaras and Liu 1 in 1977 as a generalization of the usual notion of vector spaces. Since then, many results of fuzzy subspaces had been obtained in the literature 1–4 . Moreover, many researches in fuzzy algebra are closely related to fuzzy subspaces, such as fuzzy(More)