Yanyang Liang

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This paper proposes a position tracking control scheme for the ball and plate system. At first, the property of the ball and plate control system is analyzed, and the path tracking control problem is divided into subproblems of ball position control and plate angle control. Afterwards, a path tracking sliding mode control algorithm is proposed for the ball(More)
This brief applies the synchronization to solve control problem of redundantly actuated parallel manipulators. With the synchronization method, a new controller termed active jointsynchronization (AJ-S) controller is developed for a 2-degree-offreedom (DOF) redundantly actuated parallel manipulator. The dynamic model of the parallel manipulator is(More)
Dead zone characteristics exist in many physical components of control systems. They are nonlinear features particularly in direct current (DC) motor position tracking control systems, mainly caused by the uncertain time-varying nonlinear friction. They can severely limit the control performance owing to their non-smooth nonlinearities. However, dead zone(More)
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