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Although myocyte cell transplantation studies have suggested a promising therapeutic potential for myocardial infarction, a major obstacle to the development of clinical therapies for myocardial repair is the difficulties associated with obtaining relatively homogeneous ventricular myocytes for transplantation. Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) are a(More)
Active exchangers dissipate the gradient of one substrate to accumulate nutrients, export xenobiotics and maintain cellular homeostasis. Mechanistic studies have suggested that two fundamental properties are shared by all exchangers: substrate binding is antagonistic, and coupling is maintained by preventing shuttling of the empty transporter. The CLC(More)
Disparity map generation is a significant component of vision-based driver assistance systems. This paper describes an efficient implementation of a belief propagation algorithm on a graphics card (GPU) using CUDA (Compute Uniform Device Architecture) that can be used to speed up stereo image processing by between 30 and 250 times. For evaluation purposes,(More)
Emerging evidence suggested mitophagy activation mitigates ethanol-induced liver injury. However, the effect of ethanol on mitophagy is inconsistent. Importantly, the understanding of mitophagy status after chronic ethanol consumption is limited. This study evaluated the effect of quercetin, a naturally-occurring flavonoid, on chronic ethanol-induced(More)
We propose multistate activation functions (MSAFs) for deep neural networks (DNNs). These MSAFs are new kinds of activation functions which are capable of representing more than two states, including the N-order MSAFs and the symmetrical MSAF. DNNs with these MSAFs can be trained via conventional Stochastic Gradient Descent (SGD) as well as mean-normalised(More)
Connexin 43, a gap junction protein, is expressed mainly in glia in the central nervous system. Neuroinflammation plays an important role in central nervous system injury. Changes to glial connexin 43 levels and neuroinflammation may trigger brain injury and neurodegenerative diseases. To illustrate the relationship between connexin 43 and(More)
Chitooligosaccharides (COSs), the biodegradation product of chitosan, possess a wide range of biological activities. In this study, we investigated the influences of COSs on primary cultured cortical neurons exposed to glucose deprivation (GD). The cell viability assessment by MTT assay, in couple with cell apoptosis analysis by Hoechst 33342 and TUNEL(More)
  • T Shengyi, Y Xu
  • 1991
The present study investigated the gross anatomy and collagen fiber orientation of TMJ discs in dogs using macroscopic, stereomicroscopic, light microscopic, and scanning electron microscopic techniques. Results showed that (1) the surface of the disc has an undulated configuration (a "fingerprint pattern" under stereomicroscope), which appears to aid in(More)
Shortest path is a fundamental graph problem with numerous applications. However, the concept of classic shortest path is insufficient or even flawed in a temporal graph, as the temporal information determines the order of activities along any path. In this paper, we show the shortcomings of classic shortest path in a temporal graph, and study various(More)
Both borneol and menthol are bioactive substances derived from Chinese herbal medicines. In order to understand the pharmacokinetics of borneol and menthol in Qingyan drop pills, a rapid, sensitive, and simple gas chromatographic (GC) method with flame ionization detection (FID) was developed for the simultaneous determination of borneol and menthol in rat(More)