Yanyan Wu

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In this paper, an effective algorithm is presented to discover positive and negative association rules. Especially, it analyzes the definition of the positive and negative association rules, computational methods of support and confidence level in affairs. It also talks about the conflicted rules problems which are in the positive and negative association(More)
Loss of seed-coat impermeability was essential in the domestication of many leguminous crops to promote the production of their highly nutritious seeds. Here we show that seed-coat impermeability in wild soybean is controlled by a single gene, GmHs1-1, which encodes a calcineurin-like metallophosphoesterase transmembrane protein. GmHs1-1 is primarily(More)
Land use change is one of the most important scientific research themes in the field of global environmental change. Due to the presence of uncertainty and randomness in the real world, it is difficult to simulate land use change exactly. To address the spatial uncertainty and temporal randomness in land use change, we propose a model for simulating land(More)
The hyperspectral RS is a new technology for fine spectral feature, but the spectral feature of same class object are still not completely consistent, because the ground surface environment is complex. In this paper, we analyze the spectral characteristics and its fractal characteristics, and construct a spectrum curve feature matrix, which consist of(More)
Wall rock alteration is one of the major mineralization characteristics of hydrothermal deposits. In order to effectively extract information in hyperspectral remote sensing prospecting, it is necessary to objectively filter the spectral characteristics of altered rock and the closely correlative spectral characteristics in the mineralization forecast.(More)
As the important intracellular secondary messengers, calcium channel is the target of many neurotoxic pesticides as calcium homeostasis in the neuroplasm play important role in neuronal functions and behavior in insects. This study investigated the effect of deltamethrin (DM) on calcium channel in the brain nerve cells of adult workers of Apis mellifera(More)