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A total of 377 patients with chemical burns from all over Guangdong province were admitted to the Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital during the period from January 1987 to December 2001. There were 296 males and 81 females with a male to female ratio of 3.65:1. The mean age of the patients was 26 years. The majority of patients (89.2%) were in the age range of(More)
The iterative Fourier technique (IFT) is a high efficiency method that was proposed in recent past for the synthesis of large planar thinned arrays with isotropic radiating elements. However, the selection mechanism of IFT cannot always include the most useful elements in the “turned ON” families, which make the method trap in some local minima. Therefore,(More)
In order to well solve the phase-only reconfigurable arrays synthesis problems, we introduce an adaptive strategy in invasive weed optimization (IWO), and integrate the adaptive IWO (AIWO) into the framework of MOEA/D, a popular multi-objective algorithm. Then, a new version of MOEA/D with adaptive IWO, named MOEA/D-AIWO is proposed in this paper for(More)
Students often possess multiple, conflicting misconceptions which may be activated and expressed in different contexts. In this paper, we use a mixed membership model to explore the patterns of misconceptions in introductory physics. Mixed membership models have been widely used for modeling observations that have partial membership in several latent(More)
The paper is about developing one type of the wheel engineering vehicle from manual control to remote control. It systematically analyzed the operating schematic of the hydraulic system which belongs to one type of the wheel engineering vehicle and the characterization of the manual control, as shown in Fig.1 and Fig.2. Overall plan of the electro-hydraulic(More)
In this paper, we propose a modality-dependent cross-media retrieval approach under semi-supervised conditions. The approach utilizes both labeled samples and unlabeled ones to obtain two couples of projection matrices and uses feature distance to represent the semantic information of unlabeled samples in the optimization process, so as to fully utilize the(More)