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Directed diffusion protocol enables data-centric routing for smart home sensor network. However, traditional directed diffusion protocol makes all nodes participating in the routing process. This causes a lot of redundant data transmission which brings unnecessary energy consumption. In this paper, we proposed LDDP, a location-based directed diffusion(More)
In recent years, the localization technology for wireless sensor network becomes an important research issue for Intelligent mine system. The calculation error of traditional RSSI-based localization algorithm may exceed 50%. This paper presents DPFI, a RSSI-based localization algorithm, which achieves higher accuracy in underground personnel localization by(More)
In recent years, Wireless sensor network (WSNs) has become the main technology to construct underground network for intelligent mining system. Due to the complex roadway topology, there needs an optimized energy conservation routing protocol. We proposed EERP, an energy-efficient routing protocol for for WSN-based intelligent mining system, which can(More)
Routing is a basic service for intelligent environmental monitoring system. However, traditional routing protocols cause unnecessary energy consumption due to the high communication overhead. In this paper, we proposed RERP, an energy efficient cluster-based routing protocol for intelligent environmental monitoring system. RERP improves LEACH protocol by(More)
Workflow is commonly used in e-commerce system as modeling method. In this paper, we proposed W2ME, a process-oriented meta model for OTO-oriented e-commerce. W2ME bases on the traditional activity network model and extends it. Based on the principle of minimum privileges in the authorization problem, W2ME propose the W2MEA algorithm which effectively(More)
In recent years, computer system capability training becomes an important research issue for teaching reforms of computer major. This paper propose a new system ability training scheme via analyzing the existing reform methods. By establishing core courses and optimizing experimental teaching system, our reform completes the teaching target that let(More)
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