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Cross-protomer interaction with the photoactive site in oligomeric proteorhodopsin complexes.
Mutation-induced alterations in proton transfers in the BPR photocycle in Escherichia coli cells provide evidence for a similar cross-protomer interaction of BPR in living cells and a functional role of the inter-protomers Trp34-His75 interaction in ion transport. Expand
Quantitative proteomics by SWATH-MS reveals sophisticated metabolic reprogramming in hepatocellular carcinoma tissues
This study presents the most complete view of tissue-specific metabolic reprogramming in HCC, identifying hundreds of differentially expressed proteins, which together form a rich resource for novel drug targets or diagnostic biomarker discovery. Expand
Speech and language delay in a patient with WDR4 mutations.
A 6-year-old boy from a non-consanguineous couple with motor and speech delay as well as intellectual disability is reported, expanding the molecular and phenotype spectrum of WDR4-related PD. Expand
Switching metabolic status by activating a silent glycerol catabolism pathway for acetoin production from glycerol
The physiological roles of silent genes are still unsolved puzzles and their application potentials are unexplored. Herein, a silent glycerol catabolism pathway encoded by 1 These authors contributedExpand
Transcriptional networks identify synaptotagmin-like 3 as a regulator of cortical neuronal migration during early neurodevelopment.
SYTL3 is identified as a regulator of cortical neuronal migration in human and mouse developing brains and it is demonstrated that SYTL3-KO-accelerated neuronal migration is modulated by high expression of matrix metalloproteinases. Expand
Composition and variation analysis of the TCR β-chain CDR 3 repertoire in neonatal sepsis
T cell receptor (TCR) diversity is clearly related to protection from infection. However, the characteristics of TCR diversity in neonates are not clear. In this study, we investigated the TCRExpand