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Microblog is becoming more and more popular in people's daily life, through which people can read and send short text messages. Considering millions of data posted every day, detecting bursty topic in real-time will be helpful for people to grasp central information. In this paper we propose a novel bursty topic detection technique based on an improved(More)
Microblog is becoming more and more popular in our life. Due to the numerous information on this platform, it is very useful to detect bursty topic in real-time to help people get essential information quickly. As a necessary stage, detecting busty feature effectively is important for bursty topic detection. Based on dynamics model, we propose a new(More)
Functionalized nanometer calcium carbonate (nanoCaCO<sub>3</sub>) particles were synthesized and used as emulsifier to stabilize High Internal Phase Emulsions (HIPEs). The porous polyacrylamide/CaCO<sub>3</sub> (PAM/CaCO<sub>3</sub>) nanocomposite materials were prepared by CaCO<sub>3</sub>-stabilized HIPEs templates. The influence of the content of(More)
International business intelligence processing is an important problem of cross-disciplinary research in artificial intelligence. The recognition of Out-Of-Vocabulary (OOV in short) in international commercial activities and its derivate OOV phrase brings challenge to widely used machine translation technology. Electronic dictionary with a fixed lexicon(More)
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