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Dgp1, a circular 4.4-kb plasmid found in the nuclei of Dictyostelium giganteum strain DG61, is a member of the same plasmid family as plasmids Ddp2 and pDG1. Dgp1 has sequence similarity to a conserved region of the Ddp2 and pDG1 open reading frames. As with Ddp2 and pDG1, a single large RNA is transcribed from Dgp1. This 3.3-kb transcript is present at(More)
The F-box protein family is characterized by an F-box motif that has been shown to play an important role in regulating various developmental processes and stress responses. In this study, a novel F-box-containing gene was isolated from leaves of pepper cultivar P70 (Capsicum annuum L.) and designated CaF-box. The full-length cDNA is 2088 bp and contains an(More)
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