Yanxing Song

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In this paper, we extend the OGY chaos-control method to be one based on the invariant manifold theory and the sliding mode control concept. This extended-control method not only can deal with higher order chaotic systems in the same spirit of the OGY method, but also can remove the reliance of the control on eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the system(More)
An improving auto target recognition directed (IATR-Directed) image compression algorithm based on the traditional auto target recognition directed (ATR-Directed) image compression was presented. The algorithm decomposed an image by morphology Haar wavelet, then used morphological region of interest (ROI) detection operator to find the targets ROI, by which(More)
Sonar system has a bell-shaped magnitude spectrum. The spectrum matching degree of excitation sequence with that of sonar system is important to increase echo energy, which is related closely with the measurement range. Binary excitation sequences modulated using chaotic series, including chaotic binary amplitude shift keying, chaotic binary frequency shift(More)
In view of characteristics of digital image,such as bulk data capacity,high redundancy and poor security, a new image encryption algorithm was put forward by combining chaotic maps with wavelet transform. Mallat algorithm in wavelet transform firstly was used to decompose the original image, leaving only the lowfrequency information, and then oversampled(More)
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