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Eighty-four castrated boars including Laiwu Black (LW) (weight 30-90 kg, n=6) and Lulai Black (LL) (weight 40-100 kg, n=6) were used to study the developmental changes of collagen type III alpha 1 (Col3a1) mRNA expression in the muscle and their association with intramuscular collagen (IMC). The muscle total RNA was extracted to determine the abundance of(More)
Nondestructive retrieval of expensive carbon fibres (CFs) from CF-reinforced thermosetting advanced composites widely applied in high-tech fields has remained inaccessible as the harsh conditions required to recycle high-performance resin matrices unavoidably damage the structure and properties of CFs. Degradable thermosetting resins with stable covalent(More)
Folate deficiency (FD) during pregnancy can cause fetal intrauterine growth restriction in pigs, of which the skeletal dysplasia is a major manifestation. Factors influencing muscle development are very important in the formation of porcine meat quality trait. However, the effect of folate deficiency on skeletal muscle development and its molecular(More)
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