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Preparation and properties of palmitic-stearic acid eutectic mixture/expanded graphite composite as phase change material for energy storage
A novel composite PCM (phase change material) with PA-SA (palmitic-stearic acid) eutectic mixture as PCM and EG (expanded graphite) as supporting material was prepared. The optimum absorption ratioExpand
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Effect of installation angle of fins on melting characteristics of annular unit for latent heat thermal energy storage
Abstract Latent heat thermal energy storage (LHTES) technology can solve the problem of a mismatch between energy supply and demand in time, space and intensity and thus has become a research onExpand
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Preparation and thermal characterization of capric–myristic–palmitic acid/expanded graphite composite as phase change material for energy storage
Abstract Capric–myristic–palmitic acid ternary eutectic mixture (CA–MA–PA) was prepared as phase change material (PCM). A novel composite PCM of CA–MA–PA/expanded graphite (EG) with an optimum massExpand
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Study on location of reference electrode for measurement of induced alternating current voltage on pipeline
Summary Alternating current (AC) interference on pipelines derived from adjacent overhead AC power transmission systems can lead to severe AC corrosion, which will result in the perforation andExpand
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Investigation of hydrogen concentration and hydrogen damage on API X80 steel surface under cathodic overprotection
Abstract During the application of the API X80 grade pipeline steel in long distance gas transportation, the risk of hydrogen induced degradation for this kind of high strength material needs to beExpand
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Ultrasonic enhancement on heat transfer of palmitic-stearic acid as PCM in unit by experimental study
Abstract In this work, ultrasonic is firstly used to enhance the heat transfer rate of palmitic acid-stearic acid eutectic mixture (PA-SA) in a cylindrical stainless-steel unit. The heating boundaryExpand
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New findings on the factors accelerating AC corrosion of buried pipeline
Abstract To simulate the interaction between different coating holidays on buried pipeline under alternating current (AC) interference, laboratory experiments were carried out using a speciallyExpand
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Dynamic behavior of water drops impacting on cylindrical superhydrophobic surfaces
This paper investigates the impact behavior between water drops with different velocities and cylindrical superhydrophobic surfaces with various diameters and presents two possible outcomes of dropExpand
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Effect of alternating current on the performance of magnesium sacrificial anode
Performance of magnesium sacrificial anode under alternating current was investigated in 4 g/L Na2SO4 simulated backfill solution by weight-loss measurements for 96 h, electrochemical measurementsExpand
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