Yanxia Cheng

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There are different opinions of the dynamics of an air bubble entering a xylem conduit. In this paper, we present a thorough mechanical analysis and conclude that there are three types of cavitation caused by air seeding. After an air seed enters a conduit at high xylem pressure P'(1), along with the drop of the water potential, it will expand gradually to(More)
Recently, three types of cavitation: (i) expanding gradually; (ii) expanding-exploding, becoming a long-shaped bubble-lengthening by degrees; (iii) suddenly exploding and fully filling the conduit instantly, were proposed. Directed by this theory, experiments were performed using light microscopy to study the natural drying processes of xylem sections of(More)
Trade-off in dioecious plant. The trade-off between reproduction, vegetative growth and maintenance is a major issue in the life history of an organism and a record of the process which is producing the largest possible number of living offspring by natural selection. Dioecious species afford an excellent opportunity for detecting such possible trade-offs(More)
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