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This paper describes a robust algorithm for reliable ideal midsagittal plane extraction (iMSP) from 3D neuroimages. The algorithm makes no assumptions about initial orientation of a given 3D brain image and works reliably on neuroimages of normal brains as well as brains with significant pathologies. Presented technique is truly three-dimensional since we(More)
As requirements for communication security grow, cryptographic processing becomes another type of application domain. However, cryptographic algorithms are all computationally intensive. This work compares and analyzes architectural characteristics of many widespread cryptographic algorithms on the Intel IXP2800 network processor. It also investigates(More)
Magnetoelectric composite thin films hold substantial promise for applications in novel multifunctional devices. However, there are presently shortcomings for both the extensively studied bilayer epitaxial (2-2) and vertically architectured nanocomposite (1-3) film systems, restricting their applications. Here we design a novel growth strategy to fabricate(More)
We report growth of various phase architectures of self-assembled BiFeO3-CoFe2O4 (BFO-CFO) thin films on differently oriented SrTiO3 (STO) substrates. CFO forms segregated square, stripe, and triangular nanopillars embedded in a coherent BFO matrix on (001)-, (110)-, and (111)-oriented STO substrates, respectively. Nanostructures with an aspect ratio of up(More)
Dynamic oxygen vacancies play a significant role in memristive switching materials and memristors can be realized via well controlled doping. Based on this idea we deposite Nb₂O₅-NaNbO₃ nanocomposite thin films on SrRuO₃-buffered LaAlO₃ substrates. Through the spontaneous phase separation and self-assembly growth, two phases form clear vertical(More)
This paper is to explore ownership structure and corporate governance effecting on earnings management, especially on how to constrain executive compensation motivation to earnings management. We use five variables to quantify various corporate governance mechanisms including ownership structure and executive compensation for 1024 listed firms sample from(More)
Microcephalin (MCPH1/BRIT1) is a large nuclear protein that is involved in the early cellular response to DNA damage, the expression of which is reduced in a variety of types of human tumors. A recent study by our group demonstrated that MCPH1 expression is markedly decreased in lung cancer. However, it remains unclear whether inducing the expression of(More)
Previous studies show that because of cognitive reference points, managers tend to conduct a particular kind of earnings management to affect the cognition of users of financial information. In order to examine whether this kind of earnings management exists in Chinese companies, this paper conducted a survey on the related financial data of 1,443 listed(More)
The drawback of cognitive bias is manifested by managers because of their overconfidence. This makes negative impact on financing decision-making and company performance. This paper analyses relationships between overconfidence, financing decision-making and company performance. It also studies the overconfidence impact of managers on financing decision,(More)