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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the frequency of glucocerebrosidase (GBA) mutations in cases and controls enrolled in the Genetic Epidemiology of Parkinson's Disease (GEPD) study. METHODS We sequenced all exons of the GBA gene in 278 Parkinson disease (PD) cases and 179 controls enrolled in GEPD, with a wide range of age at onset (AAO), and that included a subset(More)
Graphene and its derivatives have attracted great research interest for their potential applications in electronics, energy, materials and biomedical areas. However, little information of their toxicity and biocompatibility is available. Herein, we performed a comprehensive study on the toxicity of graphene oxide (GO) by examining the influences of GO on(More)
Hypoglycemic effects of berberine (BBR) have been reported in several studies in cell and animal models. However, the mechanisms of action are not fully understood. The present study was therefore aimed at determining the effect and underlying mechanisms of action of BBR on diabetes in a high-fat diet- and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rat model. Ninety(More)
Policosanols are a mixture of aliphatic alcohols derived from purified sugar cane. When administered at 5 to 20 mg/day, policosanols have been shown to decrease the risk of atheroma formation by reducing platelet aggregation, endothelial damage, and foam cell formation in animals. Additionally, policosanols have been shown to lower total and low-density(More)
Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a group of positional and geometric isomers of conjugated dienoic derivatives of linoleic acid. The major dietary source of CLA for humans is ruminant meats, such as beef and lamb, and dairy products, such as milk and cheese. The major isomer of CLA in natural food is cis-9,trans-11 (c9,t11). The commercial preparations(More)
Genistein, a flavonoid in legumes and some herbal medicines, has various biological actions. However, studies on whether genistein has an effect on pancreatic beta-cell function are very limited. In the present study, we investigated the effect of genistein on beta-cell proliferation and cellular signaling related to this effect and further determined its(More)
A 13.5-kilobase HindIII fragment, bearing an intact mercury resistance (mer) operon, was isolated from chromosomal DNA of broad-spectrum mercury-resistant Bacillus sp. strain RC607 by using as a probe a clone containing the mercury reductase (merA) gene. The new clone, pYW33, expressed broad-spectrum mercury resistance both in Escherichia coli and in(More)
Acute studies of glucose-dependent insulinotropic peptide (GIP) have shown that GIP can synergize with glucose in stimulating insulin secretion both in vivo and in vitro. Here we studied the effects of extended exposure of RIN 1046-38 cells, an insulin-secreting cell line, to GIP and the mechanisms by which GIP synergizes with glucose in stimulating insulin(More)
Aging is an etiologic factor in non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. While the effect of aging on insulin secretion has been described by several classic studies, the characterization of the molecular basis of beta-cell abnormalities is still under way. We recently demonstrated in rats that aging is associated not only with a reduction in insulin(More)
BACKGROUND There has been an increase in non-daily smoking, alternative tobacco product and marijuana use among young adults in recent years. OBJECTIVES This study examined perceptions of health risks, addictiveness, and social acceptability of cigarettes, cigar products, smokeless tobacco, hookah, electronic cigarettes, and marijuana among young adults(More)